A statement from MCS

I haven't been able to decide whether to be brief and to the point, and risk missing important details or write way too much and risk losing the points in a sea of words. I'm going to try to split the difference. MCS is one guy doing occasional freelance web work, it's just me here.

Let me start by giving some direct responses, and know that here I speak only for myself, not any client, employer, associate, or acquaintance. This is just me:

  • I OPPOSE the Texas law. From what I've seen, it's poorly written, besides the more important point that it rewards vigilantism.
  • I SUPPORT women's freedom, choices, and health.
  • I am PERSONALLY opposed to abortion, but opposed to much abortion legislation as I've seen it proposed. I haven't seen any way that makes sense to me to legislate it. Instead, I am much more interested in reducing the NEED for abortion and supporting women in need. (There will be more on this below)
  • I am PRO-LIFE in as far as that means I support the value of all life. I am strongly opposed to the death penalty and in favor of universal health care, education, childcare, and income. (Yes, theoretically, I support UBI.)
  • I strongly believe in the FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND EXPRESSION, especially for those I may disagree with. But I do not believe this extends to endangering others, disinformation, or defamation.

How then did I get involved with a client that does NOT support some of those things? Here's where it gets complicated. But the short answer is: acquaintances and personal connections. And most of the projects I have worked on for this client have been good, in my eyes: A resource site for women in crisis pregnancies, resources to help women who become pregnant assert their rights when challenged by schools. Title IX resources for women students. I don't agree with every client and every decision they make, and this client pushes me more than most some times, to be completely honest. But I also believe that I can do more good as a voice of moderation on the inside than as a voice of contention on the outside. At least, I have believed that in the past. Today, that is being tested. And for what it's worth, the people I have worked with at this client have been truly good, caring, and passionate people.

I recently became aware that a site on a server I control was being used to promote the Texas Bill. Not only that, but the charge was made that they were collecting whistleblower information on that site, which would be a violation of Terms of Service as well as a huge breach of ethics and morality. Immediately I looked into it and discovered that they were not, in fact collecting "whistle blower" information, but using the event to collect additional signups for their mailing list. There was no violation of TOS, and the ethics are … well, sketchy at best. I insisted that the wording on the offending page be changed to be clearer (it was changed immediately) and further I told that client that they need to secure other hosting. They are in the process of doing so. There are additional considerations, but that's the short response. They are moving.

"But the damage is done." So it is, and I regret that. So here's what I've come up with to begin to make amends:

  • I will be donating all my freelance profits for the month (from all clients, not just the one) to women's charities in Texas. (I haven't looked into any yet, so if anyone wants to make some recommendations, please let me know)
  • I'm offering free consultation and services to any pro-woman organization that contacts me this month. I don't have a lot of time, but what I have is yours. If I can't help you, I will try to find someone who can.
  • Because it is a cause I feel strongly about, I am extending the above offer (volunteer consultation and services) to organizations that support diversity and equality in all forms.

For what it's worth, I sincerely regret my part in any hurt, offense, or pain to anyone.


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