Video Production

At MCS we believe that video production is about telling a story. Evoking an emotional connection to the viewer. We use this understanding and the finest professional tools available to create videos that perfectly capture the attention and sentiment of your audience.

Corporate Video & App Marketing

Corporate videos have to make the right first impression. The Super Nifty Note project is an extended example of a demo video for a note taking app.

(For more on the Super Nifty Note project, please see the Super Nifty Note highlights.)

Production Logos

The Spire logo stinger is a short animated logo for a video production company. The use of motion graphics, audio, and particle effects produces just the right effect.

Service Video

The Wrapped In Love Wrap Up video chronicles a community focused service from Grace Church of Fredericksburg. This video documents the service and uses creative editing, very subtle special effects, and powerful music to capture the experience.

Trips and Travel

Your events are special. MCS can take your photos, videos (even cell phone video), and create something special. Telling a story is the difference between a boring slideshow and a video that will make people capture the feelings of being there.

Story Telling

The right combination of photos, motion, video, music, and especially editing can tell just the right story.