Something In the Water

Brian WoodChurch, Story, Video

The right combination of photos, motion, video, music, and especially editing can tell just the right story. Something In the Water uses a powerful song, stock video, and event photography to capture not only the moments of an event, but the emotions of being there.

Spire Logo Stinger

Brian WoodCorporate, Video

The logo stinger for Spire was developed based on existing sketches from the client. Animation, audio, and particle effects combine to provide just the image the client was hoping for.

Betel Mission Trip

Brian WoodChurch, Story, Video

The Betel Mission Trip video tells the story of the missionaries who traveled to the Betel houses in England to provide ministry and training to the leaders and residents of the centers. It’s a great example of using still images, simple participant (cellphone) video, and powerful music to tell story.

Super Nifty Note

Brian WoodApp, Corporate, Video

The Super Nifty Note video was produced to demonstrate the Super Nifty Note app. Designed over the course of four months, Super Nifty Note was an exercise in User Centered Design. The process proceeded from conception through analysis to design and design iteration. The usability process discussed in the video is an example of our User Centered Design process. Super …