Southwest Distillery

Brian WoodCorporate, Website, WordPress

Southwest Distillery needed a quick and inexpensive site to showcase their products and services while a more full featured site was being developed. MCS worked with Lost Pearl Creative to create a stunning site for little cost.

Baker Bros. Web Site

Brian WoodCorporate, Website, WordPress

The Baker Bros. Deli project highlights a mobile responsive web site, restaurant menu, store locator, and other interactions in a gorgeously designed site. Collaboration with Lost Pearl Creative. MCS leveraged WordPress and a responsive premium theme to create a custom-looking site at a fantastic value for the client.

Spire Logo Stinger

Brian WoodCorporate, Video

The logo stinger for Spire was developed based on existing sketches from the client. Animation, audio, and particle effects combine to provide just the image the client was hoping for.

Super Nifty Note

Brian WoodApp, Corporate, Video

The Super Nifty Note video was produced to demonstrate the Super Nifty Note app. Designed over the course of four months, Super Nifty Note was an exercise in User Centered Design. The process proceeded from conception through analysis to design and design iteration. The usability process discussed in the video is an example of our User Centered Design process. Super …