Creating Duotone Gradient Images (Tutorial)

A design trend for 2017 is duotone gradients over images. These are simple to create and provide an easy way to overlay text for social media or other uses. We’ll create an image like this one. We’re going to use Photoshop CC, but the process is very simple and can be replicated in most any image editor. Create a new …

Free Alternatives to Paid Fonts

People are always asking where we get the great typefaces we use in our designs, and how they can create elements using the same type. The truth is we use a lot of commercial (non-free) fonts. But there are some great free alternatives. Often, one can find a compatible font simply by using Google to search for the font name …

Super Nifty Note

The Super Nifty Note video was produced to demonstrate the Super Nifty Note app. Designed over the course of four months, Super Nifty Note was an exercise in User Centered Design. The process proceeded from conception through analysis to design and design iteration. The usability process discussed in the video is an example of our User Centered Design process. [su_youtube …

New Examples added

We’ve added several examples of video production and logo design to our portfolio page.  Check it out!

Brand new install

Welcome to the brand new Mint Condition Studios online site. There’s not much here, I haven’t spent hardly any time on this. I’m even still using the default theme! I’m spending most of my online time these days working on other projects, no time for my own. If there’s a need, I’ll post more soon.